Crown CWJ-303-FK Arcade Joystick

Crown CWJ-303-FK Arcade Joystick
Crown CWJ-303-FK Arcade Joystick Crown CWJ-303-FK Arcade Joystick
Supplier: Crown (Samducksa)
Product Code: CWJ303FK
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The Crown CWJ-303-FK from Samducksa in South Korea comes with an amazing clear/opaque bat-top (which is moulded to the shaft and can only be changed by swapping the entire shaft), and a circular actuator. They really are very cool to look at, featuring a solid colour surrounded by a clear layer. Due to the rubber actuator, they are very smooth and really quite quiet.

Unlike the Crown CWJ-303-N joysticks which have the large collar commonly found on Korean joysticks, the CWJ-303-FK have a flat mounting plate that will mount anywhere you could mount a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT or a Seimitsu SE or MS plate stick.

Korean sticks are very popular with Tekken players, but we think more people should give them a try, as they are really rather lovely indeed!

Please note: This stick uses traditional stick switches which require standard 4.8 mm (0.187 inch) spade disconnects. If you wish to use these sticks in a machine or arcade stick with a 5-pin stick harness, you can use an adapter, which you can add below.

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