Crown CWJ-303-N Arcade Joystick

Crown CWJ-303-N Arcade Joystick
Crown CWJ-303-N Arcade Joystick Crown CWJ-303-N Arcade Joystick
Supplier: Crown (Samducksa)
Product Code: CWJ303N
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The Crown CWJ-303-N from Samducksa in South Korea comes with an amazing clear/opaque bat-top (which is moulded to the shaft and can only be changed by swapping the entire shaft), and a circular actuator. They really are very cool to look at, featuring a solid colour surrounded by a clear layer. Due to the rubber actuator, they are very smooth and really quite quiet.

Unlike the Crown CWJ-303FK joysticks which mount in the same way as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT or a Seimitsu SE or MS plate stick, the CWJ-303-N have a unique mounting plate which also features a large collar round the stick commonly found on Korean joysticks. Whilst this may make the sticks more challenging to mount, they feel very sturdy and as such are very popular with Tekken players.

We like these a lot!

Please note: This stick uses traditional stick switches which require standard 4.8 mm (0.187 inch) spade disconnects. If you wish to use these sticks in a machine or arcade stick with a 5-pin stick harness, you can use an adapter, which you can add below.

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