Arcade Japan would not be possible without the arcade gaming community we cater for, many of whom we consider friends.

That being the case, here are links to some of the best arcade sites and resources on the web. If you have a site you think would be of interest to other users, then why not Contact Us and we'll add it to this list!

Arcade Otaku Arcade Otaku is a great site dedicated primarily to Japanese "Candy" cabs, which has a very active, welcoming forum and an extensive Wiki resource. Based in the UK. was the very first website dedicated to shoot-em-up games (mostly of the 2D scrolling variety), and is an amazing resource for the shmup fan. Based in the UK.
UKVAC UKVAC is a repository of information dedicated to the collection, restoration and playing of video arcade machines from their inception up to the current day. Based in the UK.
JAMMA+ JAMMA+ is a video arcade gaming community and forum, covering everything from the 1970s to modern video arcade gaming & consoles. Based in the UK. is an interesting place, mostly visited for the forum which is never without drama, but always good for info. Tread carefully and don't annoy anyone, and you will find that there is no better resource for info on the Neo Geo format. Based in the USA. is probably the best site on the web for PCB repair logs, and is a mine of useful information for all sorts of other stuff. Based in Australia.

Retro Gamer is probably the only English language magazine that still covers arcade gaming with any regularity, so it is lucky that it is also a very good read! As well as the print edition, it is also available on I-Devices which likely makes it easier to obtain for those overseas. Based in the UK.

Arcade Belgium is a long-running website featuring daily arcade news and a forum, alongside a lively marketplace. Based in Belgium.

Shoryuken is a website and forum dedicated to all things fighting game, and has a tournament calender and huge strategy guide section too. These guys are serious about their sticks and buttons! Based in the USA.

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