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Stick Accessories

Stick Accessories

Here is where you will find all of our arcade stick accessories. If there is something you are looking for that you don't see here, why not Contact Us and we'll see what we can do!

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Sanwa JLF-PP1 Dust Washer
A direct replacement for the original black JLF dust washer, the JLF-PP1 is suitable for the Sa..
Seimitsu H5P (Sanwa JLF-H) Stick Harness
This convenient little harness allows you to connect any joysticks in the the Sanwa JLF-TP-8 range, ..
Seimitsu LS-32 Dust Washer
This black dust washer is suitable for Seimitsu joystick models LS-32 and LS-32-01. ..
Qanba Octagonal Restrictor Gate
The Qanba octagonal stick gate is a perfect, cheaper alternative to the Sanwa GT-Y ga..
Qanba Round Restrictor Gate
The Qanba round stick gate is compatible with the Sanwa JLF series joysticks and gives a lovely..
Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Stick Gate
The Sanwa GT-Y octagonal stick gate is attaches to your Sanwa joystick to achieve 8-way movemen..
Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft Cover and Dust Washer
Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft Cover and Dust Washer, which is suitable for the for Sanwa JLF-TP-..
Seimitsu LS-32 Round Stick Gate
The Seimitsu round gate replaces the default square gate and will give your joystick 8-way..
Seimitsu Octagonal Stick Gate (LS-55 / LS-56 / LS-58 / LS-60)
The Seimitsu octagonal gate replaces the default gate and makes 8 way movement much easier..
Shin-Etsu G-40M Silicone Grease 10g - Sanwa Joystick Lubricant
Shin-Etsu G-40M Silicone Grease as used by Sanwa-Denshi to lubricate their sticks such as the JLF. ..
Shin-Etsu G-501 Silicone Grease 10g - Seimitsu Joystick Lubricant
Shin-Etsu G-501 Silicone Grease as used by Seimitsu Kogyo Co. to lubricate their sticks su..
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